The following is a list of books about the Agasha Temple of Wisdom and the philosophy that is taught at this organization: The Universal Understanding of the God Consciousness.

  • Agasha, Master of Wisdom by William Eisen
    • This is the first of two books about the Agasha Temple of Wisdom. This volume gives a biography of the great Master Agasha and it takes the reader on a truly fascinating journey into the past. The saga begins in the pre-dynastic, enlightened Egyptian civilization of seven thousand years ago, when Agasha was last incarnate as a Master Teacher of Light on Earth. It traces some of Agasha’s history, and thus the history of the Agasha Temple, back 172 thousand years to the time of the great continent of Atlantis. This story is comprised of the struggles, trials and tribulations, and the achievements down through the centuries that help us to understand how Agasha became the Master Teacher of one of the grandest philosophies ever known to mankind. These simple teachings relate to the Universal Consciousness that men call God. Topics included in this book are: The Agashan Philosophy, Agasha, The Great Pyramid, 2,000 year Peace Period, The Spiritual Centers, Time and Space, and the Grand Finale.
  • The Agashan Discourses by William Eisen
    • This is the second of two books about the Agasha Temple of Wisdom. This volume is a compilation of lectures given by Master Agasha and other Master Teachers of the Agasha Temple of Wisdom. A total of 16 different talks on a variety of spiritual and philosophical thoughts takes the reader on a course of study into the higher consciousness of the Masters. Topics include reincarnation, the law of evolution, the astral worlds, the etheric planes, karma and the law of cause and effect, the soul, and symbology. These studies will enlighten a student of philosophy to a way of life in which one can express the Universal Consciousness of God.
  • Getting Into Gear, A Personal Journal by Geary Salvat
    • This is a contemporary book of quotes and inspirational stories compiled by the intertransitory medium, Geary Salvat. It is meant to be picked up and opened, allowing the reader to find a quote relevant to the moment of the day. The journal format allows the reader to jot down notes and inspirations that come to mind while reading the words of the great masters. These stories and quotes are those of Master Ayuibbi Tobabu and other Master Teachers who have manifested through the mediumship of Geary Salvat, the successor following Richard Zenor, of the Agasha Temple of Wisdom.
  • Telephone Between Worlds by James Crenshaw
    • Although this book was published in 1950, Crenshaw addresses the issue of “life beyond physical existence” that is still pertinent today. In this book the author speaks to skeptics and believers alike of the progress made to the scientific and philosophical level in the world beyond that of physical sight. The nature of that world and its meaning in terms of our everyday existence are explained by the Master Teachers of the Agasha Temple of Wisdom through the instrumentality of Reverend Richard Zenor. Zenor was known for his unusual psychic faculties since he was a child of four. When he was about 12 years old, he began a new and rarer phase of mediumship. He literally became a telephone link between two worlds, the instrument whereby those no longer of this physical world could speak naturally and directly to those still of this physical world. For those who have asked themselves if there really is a life after death, this book carries a spiritual and inspiring message, supported with facts and explanations that are reasonable and believable.