Welcome to the official website of the Agasha Temple of Wisdom.

We teach you that the creative life force in the universe is the “I AM” within each, not a singular individual set apart, but each one of us.

We teach you like unto like. We teach you that each singular individual is infinitely intelligent, no matter how dull or ignorant that individual may appear to be on the exterior. They have within them a multitude of information, and we call that multitude of information the infinite wisdom of the soul. You are in existence as a singular entity, as I am in existence as a singular entity, not because of one another but for one another. You pour forth from your cup of knowledge unto me and likewise I do unto you. You bring out of the depths of your minds into a collective consciousness.

We teach you that all is. We hope that you would follow the Golden Rule: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” not before they do unto you, although so often we do the latter.

We teach you the law of Agape and the difference between Agape and Eros. No individual is singular, for if we truly are part of all there is, we never stand alone. We teach you to remove yourself from the mortal confines of the monster within you, the Ego. We teach you that jealousy, false pride, ignorance are all parts, necessary parts of the self indeed, but that are parts to be overcome.

We teach you that as you live your life, so shall you expect those things to come unto you. We teach you the laws of karma. We teach you when you cannot make a conscious effective change to leave those things unto the hands of divine providence and those things that are meant for you to have shall come your way.

We teach you reincarnation is a necessity, not a luxury. We teach you the laws of energy, the aurathic fields of power, the soul aura, the manifestation of life. We teach you of your meridians of your physical in order so you might keep yourselves in a healthier state. We teach you of your chakras so that you might cleanse yourself. God has given unto each individual the ability to understand. We teach you that it is not just to fear fear that is important. We teach you that it is important to understand your fear, for only in truly understanding your fear can you conquer it.

We teach you that your life is ever present and should be looked on in front of yourself. We teach you that yesterday is today and today is tomorrow. All time is only but existent within the individual mind and sphere of existence of that particular individual.

And more important than anything else, the greatest thing that we try to teach, the most important thing and the hardest for us to see to do, is to accept and love ourselves for whatever progressive stage that we might be in, but love ourselves honestly and void of Ego. Manifest unto ourselves so that we can be of use to another.