Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions (and their answers) that we are often asked. We felt this information would be useful for the new student, so we attempted to keep the answers concise and to the point. Each question is a complete subject unto itself. If something is not clear or there are other questions you would like answered here, please send us e-mail!

1. What is the Universal Understanding of the God Consciousness?

The Universal Understand of the God Consciousness is a philosophy of life that is taught at the Agasha Temple of Wisdom. It is a way of thinking, it is a way of life. It is not a religion. There are no dogmas or rituals that need to be practiced. The foundation of this philosophy is the belief that God is not an omnipotent being sitting on a throne, but that God is a collective Universal Consciousness – the collective thought of all creation. This simple fact makes you responsible for your own life and the events that unfold. We each are a microcosm of God and a master of our own destiny. Collectively, we are the God consciousness. The laws that govern the universe are known as the 33 Universal Laws. These laws are immutable and as close to absolute as one can get.

2. Where did you get this information?

The Universal Understanding of the God Consciousness is disseminated by the Ascended Masters that exist within the higher astral realms. These Master Teachers are no different from you or me, except they have reached a point in their development in which they have mastered and overcome all aspects of the physical plane. They now desire to bring back this philosophy once again to the physical worlds as this planet is entering a new period of enlightenment known as the Peace Period.

3. Is there a God?

See question #1. Yes, there is a God, but God is a Universal Consciousness and not a man sitting on a throne judging you or controlling your destiny.

4. Why am I here?

Man is in a state of duality: the higher consciousness being the soul and the lower consciousness being the mortal. The higher is in a perfect state, the lower in an imperfect state. The soul is of infinite intelligence and infinite knowledge, yet not infinite wisdom. The soul is also a very passive being, and because of this characteristic, has granted unto the exterior consciousness free agency. This gives the exterior consciousness the power to choose whether it acts within the realm of the soul or the realm of the mortal.

The purpose of our existence is to freely choose to express the knowledge of the soul over the mortal, and allow the soul to unfold in our daily lives. The expression of wisdom is being aware enough to see and then using discernment to choose the best choice for us. We are here to express wisdom. (See also Question #1.)

5. What is my destiny?

Everyone has one ultimate destiny: to become a Pillar of Light. As it was said earlier, our soul unfolds and de-folds. In our current state of development, our soul is egg-shaped. As we grow and expand our consciousness and perspective, the soul keeps unfolding. The egg-shaped soul expands and opens up like a lotus flower, and then eventually, the flower becomes a pillar of pure white light. That is the ultimate in spiritual development that any human being can reach.

But on the way to becoming a Pillar of Light, there are many roads we can walk. Some choose to become healers and doctors, some choose to become scientists, accountants, artists. While there are many roads to finding one’s self, the lessons given and taken on that journey are the same, only the scenery is a little different. We are to be kind, we are to be patient, we are to be loving, we are to be accepting, we are to be aware of how we affect one another, we are to be of service to one another, and we are to express the wisdom of the Soul, just to name a few things. Your destiny is not set in stone due to the fact that we posses free agency to choose. Choice is the master of destiny.

6. What is karma?

Karma is probably one of the most misunderstood aspects of life. There is a saying: what goes around comes around. In the Universal Understanding of the God Consciousness, we call this the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. This law states that for every cause we create, every action we take, a cycle is started. This cycle will eventually bring back an effect to us sometime in the future. This effect can come back to us in a matter of days or it can be lifetimes. If you throw a pebble in a pool of water, it causes a rippling effect from the center going out to the edge and then rippling back. Think of yourself as being that pebble in the center of the pool, and the edge is the universe. Your actions, being the cause, create a rippling effect, which will eventually come back to you.

The circumstances of the effect and how you choose to deal with that effect become your karma. Think of karma as the opportunity to make a better choice. Think of karma as the opportunity to learn and become a better person.

What karma is not is all and every small thing that happens to you throughout the day. If you tripped and bumped your head, it’s probably not karma but more likely just a lack of awareness. Karma is not an eye for an eye. If someone "did you wrong," this does not mean you can get even with them. The universe will place them in the circumstances in the future to rectify and correct situation. Karma is the balancing of consciousness.

7. Is there an afterlife?

Absolutely! Our stay on the physical plane is very temporary. On the average, most people incarnate 800 to 1200 lifetimes on the physical plane. In between incarnations, the stay in the astral is about 150 to 300 years. This period is normally used to study and prepare for the lessons of the next incarnation. In this period of our development, we are a part of a consciousness known as The Wheel of Life. After we have learned all of the lessons of the physical plane, we leave the consciousness of the Wheel of Life and no longer incarnate on the physical plane. We spend the rest of our time in the astral in a carnate state.

In the astral, we continue to study, to go great temples and halls of higher learning, attend plays and concerts or whatever may interest us. We don’t need to eat or worry about paying our bills. There is no need for money. Your time will be spent improving yourself and becoming a better human being.

8. What is the soul?

The Soul is our higher consciousness. It is an immortal being that never experiences death. The Soul is capable of infinite intelligence and infinite knowledge and it is striving to unfold and express this knowledge through experience, but there is one catch. The Soul must willingly bring along the mortal and exterior consciousness with it on this journey because it granted unto the mortal consciousness free agency – the ability to choose. The Soul is all powerful and it is the master and commander of each individual. It determines when each individual is to be born, their genetic make-up, the major experiences of each lifetime, and when each person is to experience death. It gives the exterior and mortal consciousness a myriad of choices and must let that consciousness make its decision because that is the only way wisdom can be demonstrated: to discern the difference between right and wrong and then to consciously choose the right choice.

Each individual has a soul and within that soul is the Spark of Divinity. The Spark of Divinity is immortal and everlasting. It possesses within it infinite knowledge – not infinite wisdom or infinite understanding or experience – but infinite knowledge. Each and every soul contains this infinite wealth of knowledge, no matter how dull or bright the exterior may be. Because of this, no one person is greater or lesser than another person. Each person holds within them the exact same potential for greatness or failure. It all becomes a matter of choice. The soul unfolds its wisdom and can also de-fold based on the choices that the exterior consciousness makes.

9. What is the Spark of Divinity?

The Spark of Divinity is our true, original, divine state. The Spark of Divinity is the Mind of the Soul and resides within the soul. You can almost think of the Soul as the body of the Spark of Divinity. Everything in creation, including the Soul itself, is the creation of the Spark of Divinity. The infinite intelligence that we each possess is from within the Spark of Divinity. The Soul surrendered its will to the Spark of Divinity and thus was granted the infinite intelligence. The mortal consciousness is being trained to do the same.

10. What is the mortal consciousness?

The mortal consciousness is the lower aspect of man. Symbolically, we have the angel sitting on one shoulder – that is the soul. We have the devil sitting on the other shoulder – that is the mortal consciousness. The mortal consciousness is not evil, it is just preoccupied with the individual being and short term pleasures. The mortal consciousness is very closely tied with the ego. Think of the mortal consciousness as a desire and the ego fulfills that desire. On the other hand, our higher Soul consciousness is concerned with the God consciousness: the totality of all things. When the Soul acts, the good of the many is considered. When the mortal consciousness acts, only the good of the self is considered. As we learn to make better and better choices, the influence of the mortal consciousness becomes less and less in our life. Eventually, the mortal consciousness is completely controlled. But if you’re on the physical plane, you still have a mortal consciousness to contend with.

11. What is reincarnation?

As it was stated in question #6, each action creates a reaction. This is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. When we act, we are responsible to the universe in dealing with the reaction. This is the Law of Karma. Sometimes the reaction does not come back to us for a long, long time. It may take a couple of thousand years. Some, if not most, karmas created while on the physical plane must be dealt with and corrected on the physical plane. This is why the average person incarnates 800 to 1200 times as explained in question #7. So, reincarnation is the process of coming back to the physical plane to express the knowledge that we already have through the choices we make. While we are here, we create karma and that often requires coming back in another incarnation.

Now, this brings up two questions: why did we incarnate the first time to begin with, and what does this world have to offer us? We had to incarnate at least once because there is a Universal Law that states that man must express his or her wisdom on every plane of consciousness. The physical plane is no exception, so each person must incarnate at least once. What the physical plane has to offer us is that it makes us stronger. It is the best proving ground there is. The astral worlds are perfect worlds – we don’t need to worry about money, paying rent, having a job, cooking food, eating dinner, buying clothes. We just pretty much think of what we want and we get it. This makes life very easy. The physical worlds, on the other hand, are imperfect worlds – there are lots of distractions and mundane events that we have to deal with and it is the complete opposite of the astral. The whole point of incarnation in the physical worlds is to be able to function in a mundane, material world and yet still be able to express our higher spiritual side no matter what situation occurs.

It is easy to be a loving person if we are living in a nirvana-like society. It is much harder when we have to deal with co-workers, children, automobile repairs, the toilet leaking, paying the bills, etc. Yet we must be able to love when we are hated, be kind when everyone around us is being cruel, be strong in the middle of weakness, and be peace in the middle of a storm. The physical plane offers us the opportunities to demonstrate that we can be all those things.

12. What is agape?

There are three types of love: the love you feel for your parents or siblings or children, physical love or lust also known as eros, or the highest form of love: agape. Agape is unconditional acceptance of another person for exactly who they are and not who or what we would like them to be. When we feel agape for another individual, we don’t judge them or try to control them. We want the best for that person and will put their need before our own need. Unfortunately, agape is very seldom demonstrated on the physical plane because of the influence of the individual ego.

13. Are you Jewish since you're a temple?

No, we are not aligned with any specific religion. A temple is a place of study or worship. There are Jewish temples, there are also Hindu and Buddhist temples, just as there is the Agasha Temple of Wisdom.

14. Are you Christian?

No, the Agasha Temple of Wisdom is not aligned with any religion yet it encompasses all religions because the basis of our philosophy is that truth and wisdom can be found any where, whether it’s Bible, the Koran, the Talmud, the Bhagavad Gita, and so forth. All of these books contain great truths and wisdoms.

15. What is the difference between believing in God and a god consciousness?

The biggest difference is responsibility. If we believe that God is an individual outside of us or a man sitting on a throne, then we can say that things happen to us because it is God’s wish. We can’t understand what God wants nor can we do anything about it. However, if we believe that God is the consciousness of all things and we are a part of that consciousness, then everything in our life is our fault, the failures and the successes. Our spiritual growth comes when we become aware enough to consciously create fewer and fewer mistakes and more and more successes.

16. How do you describe Heaven and Hell?

Heaven and Hell are simply a state of mind. It is how we think. There are very poor people who are quite miserable and unhappy, and likewise there are very rich people who are just as miserable and unhappy. What they have in common is not that they are miserable, it is that they are poor of spirit. There are many materially poor people who live very prosperous and happy lives. And it is possible to be both spiritually prosperous and materially prosperous. However, one does not guarantee the other. It is all about perspective.

17. Are there such things as ghosts?

Yes. A ghost is essentially an individual that exists in a different dimension or state. For example, those who have passed away and now live in the astral appear as ghosts to us. And likewise, we appear as ghosts to those in the astral.

18. Are there really negative forces or ghosts (beings)?

Yes. A negative force or ghost is an individual that attempts to frighten you to get you to release energy to them or to control you. Sometimes they want to live vicariously through your life. Most negative forces are lost or misguided souls that are in the astral state yet they are earthbound – they have chosen for one reason or another not to go on with their life in the astral state. This is usually due to the fact that they are attracted to something or someone, or some aspect of life on the physical plane, or they feel that they have some business they need to take care of. The best way to protect yourself from negative entities is to ignore them and picture yourself surrounded in White Light. These entities try to scare you to steal your energy. If you do not get scared, they cannot take your energy and will most likely go on to someone else or even go to the astral.

19. How do I become a channeller?

You should not want to become a channeller. Let your soul make that decision. You should, however, want to become your own channel. That means to allow the influence of your soul in your daily life.

20. How do I become a psychic?

Yesterday created our today. Our today will shape tomorrow. To predict what you can expect in the future, become aware of what you are doing now. Study your past and learn to recognize the cycles and patterns of your life. If you are interested in becoming a psychic with abilities to see into the future of others, then leave that up to the soul. Your soul is the true controller of your life, even though sometimes it is hard for us to accept that. If you need to have the experience of being a psychic, your soul will make it so. There is nothing you can do mortally to make it happen.

21. Why are dreams important? How can I better remember my dreams?

The soul speaks to the mortal consciousness through Symbology in both the awakened state and the dream state. However, it is important to remember than some dreams are simply frustration dreams and hold no symbolic value. It is as if your brain is blowing off steam. The only way to differentiate between frustration dreams and symbolic dreams is to keep a journal next to your bed and as soon as you wake up, right down everything you remember. This technique will also help you remember your dreams better.

Now, pay close attention to the objects and situations in the dream. For it to be a symbol, it must appear in at least three separate dreams. That is how the soul lets the exterior mind know it should pay attention to the symbol. Also pay attention to the type of symbol. For example, if in one dream you were surrounded by red roses, in another dream you where surrounded by purple orchids, and in another dream you were surrounded by white tulips, it is the same symbol three times: flowers. However, if in one dream you were surrounded by red roses, and in another red carnations, and in another red daises, the symbol is then red flowers. And finally if you dreamed of red roses, white roses, and purple roses, the symbol would be more specific: roses. That is why it is important to write down as much as you can remember as soon as you wake up.

22. What is reality?

Our reality is limited to what we are aware of and can comprehend. Everything on the physical plane is real to us because we can see it, touch it, smell it, or taste it. The astral worlds, even though we may believe they exist, may not be a part of our reality, but just a part of our truths. If you really think about it, our stay on the physical plane is only temporary while we will be in the astral state for an eternity. So which one is true reality? As our consciousness grows, we are able to encompass a greater reality. The reality itself did not change, we just are able to see more options than before. True reality is the infinite intelligence of the soul and that consciousness unfolding and expressing.

23. "I have seen (an entity)...." or "I have heard (a voice or music)..." Is that real?

It certainly could be or it could just be your imagination. You’re the only one that will know for sure. The important thing is don’t be frightened when these experiences happen and try to stay relaxed.

24. I feel like there is someone around me and I don't know what/who that is. Is it positive? I'm frightened by it -- is it negative? I think it may be my dead relative/ friend and I think they're looking out for me. Is this real or am I making this up?

This is not that unusual of an experience. Oftentimes when loved ones graduate from the physical plane and go to the astral state, they worry or become very concerned about us. Very often they come back to the physical plane and hang around individuals to make sure they are going to be OK. Sometimes they are just trying to communicate or bring something to closure. It is possible it could be a negative entity, (see question #18), but that is rare. If you keep yourself in a good mood and surround yourself with white light, nothing can harm you. As a general rule, if you are ever asked to do anything by an entity and you feel it is wrong or of a harmful nature, don’t do it. That is a sign that this entity is not a positive one.

25. Is déjà vu real?

Yes. Déjà vu is a signal from your soul that you have had this experience before and you need to pay attention. Be aware and think what you are feeling, the reactions it maybe causing inside of you, and what action you plan to take. It is not a bad thing; it means you are becoming or have become aware enough to communicate with your higher consciousness.

26. What is an aura?

The aura is a generic term for the energy fields around objects, but mostly used in reference to the physical body. There are many energy fields about the physical body, but the two most visible are the soul aura and the electromagnetic field. The soul aura is white in color and stays very close (an inch or so) to the physical body. Most people can see the soul aura of another person. The electromagnetic field is much broader and is aquamarine in color. When we are in a relaxed, open state, our aura expands out – as far as 30 or 40 feet in each direction. If we become frightened or close up emotionally, our aura shrinks around us.

27. What are the chakras?

The chakras are the physical manifestation of Etheric energy points on the physical body. They are also known as the Major Meridians. There are seven chakras on the human body and the functions and colors are: 1. coccyx: red-orange, deals with the base emotions; 2. spleen: pink, cleansing of the physical; 3. solar plexus: green, house of the soul; 4. heart: gold, deals with emotions; 5. throat: sky blue, communications; 6. brow: indigo, the 3rd eye, spiritual sight; 7. crown: purple, wisdom, the soul generally enters and leaves the body from this chakra. In most philosophies, they believe the color of the 3rd chakra is gold and the 4th is green; we believe it is the other way around due to the fact that the colors emanated from the chakras are spectral (astral, anim) light and thus the order of the color spectrum is slightly different.

28. Is it possible to heal someone?

No, no person can heal another person. However, a person can channel energy to another person; and if the person who is ill is ready to release the illness, the ill person can heal themselves with the energy.

29. What is the astral?

The term astral is used in many different ways. In our philosophy, it general means a state of consciousness other than the physical worlds. It is a state of consciousness where the make-up of matter is of amins and not atoms.

30. Who are these angels and spirit guides?

These are individuals who have decided to help mankind on the physical plane. Some guides are with us only for a short period of time and help with emotional issues. These are the Angels of Light. There is also another group of Teachers known as the Teachers of Light. They help individuals on the physical plane with their mundane day to day situations. They are with you for an entire lifetime on the physical plane. And finally, there is the wonderful Soul Teacher. This individual has been with you since the beginning of time and will be with you until you no longer need his or her assistance. He or she was attracted to you when you were in your embryonic spiritual state because of the likeness of the path in which you would be walking. The purpose of the Soul Teacher is to help you with your spiritual development only.

31. What is the difference between a religion and a philosophy?

See question #1. In religion there is dogma, in philosophy there is none. In the Universal Understanding of the God Consciousness there is not one single act or ritual that you MUST do to become a spiritual person. In religion they say to you, if you don’t do this or that you’re going to end up in a very hot, uncomfortable place. This philosophy says do whatever you feel is right for you, as long as you are not hurting anyone else and are following the laws of your society.

32. Why is meditation so important? Or is it?

Think of meditation as a tool, but not a mandatory aspect of our spiritual life. Meditation by itself will make you a little calmer, you will become a little more aware of what’s inside of you, you may receive symbols from the soul, but none of this makes you a more spiritual person. What can make you a more spiritual person is what you do with all of this information you received in your meditation. We automatically meditate everyday without even knowing. Have you ever zoned out while driving somewhere, and then all of the sudden realized, "Oh, I missed the off ramp!" That was you in an automatic meditation. It happens everyday when we do routine chores or activities.

33. Do you have to be poor to be spiritual? What is prosperity in a material sense and spiritual sense?

No. See question #16. Prosperity in the material sense is a very subjective thing. It varies from person to person. Prosperity in the spiritual sense is being growthful. It is being in the right state of mind, in the right place to get the maximum benefit and understanding of a lesson. When our soul unfolds, we are prosperous.

34. Pyramid -- its symbology, its power, etc.

The pyramid is the strongest physical structure. Symbolically, it represents another symbol of strength: the mountain. On a deeper level, the four sides represent the four aspects of God: mental, physical, spiritual, mind; and all four aspects come together at one point, the apex.

35. What is Tarot? Is it safe to use?

The Tarot deck, when used properly by the reader and the readee, is a tool that can be used to ascertain the past, present, and future state on the readee. It is not used to predict the absolute future, but what will probably happen if nothing changes (the readee continues on the path he is currently following). Armed with this knowledge, a person can then choose to shape their future differently.

The Tarot is safe if too much emphasis is NOT placed on it. When using the Tarot deck, you should not necessarily ask a question, but just let it be and find out what is.

36. What are the different types of psychic abilities?

There are many types of psychic abilities. A clairaudient is a person who can hear entities from the astral planes. A clairvoyant is a person who can see entities from the astral planes. A clairkenetic (also known as telekinesis) is a person who can touch an object and tell a great deal of information about the owner of that object. A materialization medium can materialize objects and likeness of physical bodies. A trance medium can host individuals from the astral state. The highest form of mediumship is the intertransitory medium in which the medium goes through a physical death during trance. This form of mediumship is also known as dead trance. It is the clearest form of mediumship because the consciousness of the medium is completely removed from the physical body and thus the medium cannot influence what is being said. A trance medium, for example, can influence what is being said. The mediums at the Agasha Temple of Wisdom have been and always will be intertransitory mediums. This type of mediumship is very, very rare and no more than one or two individuals on the physical plane have had this ability at the same time.

37. Ancient civilizations of Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt...

All of these are ancient civilizations that reached a very advanced spiritual state. All four civilizations practiced the Universal Understanding of the God Consciousness. Most of the Masters that teach at the Agasha Temple arose in one of these lands. The oldest is the Land of Mu, which was almost a million years ago. The youngest is Egypt (called Austa then) which was about 7,000 years ago. In all of civilizations except for Egypt, their technology advanced faster than their spirituality, and between that and natural disasters, the civilizations were destroyed.


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