Affirmation- A statement repeated daily to help change the consciousness of the outer expression. The affirmation of the Agasha Temple of Wisdom affirms that each individual is the controller of his or her own life.

Adept - An individual who has mastered the physical plane and is also very accomplished in a specific area.

Agape- A Greek word meaning a pure, unconditional love of a spiritual nature. Agape is the highest for the love that one can express.

Agasha- A Master teacher who manifested through an intertransitory medium on the physical plane from 1933-1978.

Akashic Record- A record of each individual's experiences from the moment they spewed forth from the core of life until they become a pillar of light, and perhaps beyond. Included are the attitudes, thoughts, emotions and actions that accompany the individual experience.

Alchemy- A metaphysical chemistry, by which a combination of two base elements transmutes to create a higher third form. Example: 1+1=3 or the combination of the two elements hydrogen and oxygen creates a new third entity called water.

Alpha- The masculine, or positive energy, is the active source of the soul. Counterpart to the omega, it is the action inspired by the power of the omega. Each individual carries a percentage of both the alpha and omega. An alpha soul is 51% alpha and 49% omega.

Amazon Kingdom - One of many spiritual centers in the world. Located in South America, this spiritual center is primarily focused on maintaining the atmosphere and holding the balance of positive energy through its vortex.

Angel - Celestial entities that are still part of a group consciousness, not yet individualized. Within some religions, they have been referred to as the messengers or guides of God.

Angels of Light- A brotherhood whose purpose is to help individuals on the physical plane on matters of an emotional nature. Unlike the angels, these souls are individualized and part of the human consciousness. Several different Angels of Light may work with a single individual over the course of an incarnation.

Anim- All unmanifested matter which make up the astral and etheric worlds. Known as anti-matter on the physical plane. Counterpart to the atom.

Anthropis - This aspect of the soul that does not incarnate protects the individual from the dark forces, contains the Akashic Record and connects all souls.

Apportation- The manifestation of a tangible material item seemingly out of thin air. By first speeding up and then slowing down molecules of a physical nature, an object can be manipulated from the atom (physical) state into the anim (etheric) state, and then returned to the atom state once again.

Astral- Any realm, plane, degree and dimension of consciousness other than the physical plane. Encompasses the concept of heaven as referenced by many religions.

Astral Projection- The ability to leave one's physical body and travel. The astral senses are fully alert while the physical body appears to be in a meditative or sleep state. The golden cord keeps the two bodies attached.

Astrology - The study of the influence of the celestial bodies on the lives of individuals based on the time and place of their birth.

Atlantis- A technologically and spiritually advanced ancient civilization. A continent that occupied most of the north Atlantic Ocean between Europe and the Americas and sank after several natural and man-made disasters.

Atom- All physical energy that creates matter. Dense in constitution, it is the counterpart of the anim.

A U M- A chant, or rhythmic sound used as a focal point. It brings an individual into a momentary meditative state for the purpose of drawing energy from "All United Masters" to assist in raising one's vibration.

Aura- A fields of energy that closely surrounds the physical body. The closest field of energy is white in color and emitted from the soul. This is known as the Soul Aura. There is a another field beyond that comprising of all of the colors of the chakras. This field is known as the authertic field and is aquamarine in color.

Aurathic Field of Energy- A field of energy around the physical body that expands, contracts and changes color depending on the mood and health of the individual.

Austa - An ancient civilization that preceded the great Egyptian period, where a peace period lasted for two thousand years.

Avatar- An individual with great foresight and ability who has overcome the physical plane.

Ayubbi Tobabu - Master Teacher following Agasha manifesting at the Agasha Temple of Wisdom from 1981.

Awareness- Having knowledge of that which surrounds you, and understanding its purpose.

Awakening- When the soul stirs the individual's outer consciousness to search for a greater purpose/truth.

Beam of Light - A passageway created by thought, in which a type of astral travel is possible. The more advanced or higher vibrational individual creates a "tunnel" for a lower vibrational individual to travel upon.

Brotherhood- A collective consciousness of many teachers, their students, and disciples who practice the teachings and beliefs of that particular organization formed to accomplish a specific purpose.

Brotherhood of White Light - A universal brotherhood with the sole purpose of clarifying and bringing the truths of the universe to all states of consciousness.

Cabala - The study of universal mathematics and numerology.

Candic Ray - The universal energy pattern located outside of the earth's atmosphere where electronic transmissions are randomly collected.

Cara, Boga, Coty- The triadical force of the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of the self. Also refers to the three sarcophaguses that are buried in Cairo, Egypt, that while living upon the physical plane individually represented the mental, physical and spiritual aspects and came together in the embodiment of the triadical force.

Carnate- The physical embodiment of an astral being.

Cause- The action or motion where thought starts.

Cause and Effect- The universal law which states that for every action there is a reaction.

Chakra- A vortex of energy located in the physical body for the purpose of keeping a flow of energy throughout the body. There are seven major locations starting at the base of the spinal cord and traveling to the top of the head. The first is found at the coccyx (red-orange), the second at the spleen (pink), the third at the solar plexus (green), the fourth at the heart (gold), the fifth at the throat (sky blue), the sixth at the brow (indigo), and the seventh at the crown of the head (purple). The seven Chakras have a direct correspondence to the seven Realms of Immensity, the seven Rays of Light, and the seven universes.

Change - An alteration or modification of an individual's behavior. Begins with a difference in thought, resulting in a difference in action.

Channel- A person who allows his body to be used by the entities of the astral and etheric worlds to direct information or healing energy to the physical plane. A conduit of energy or information.

Clairvoyant- An individual with the ability to see the astral and etheric worlds.

Consciousness- The awareness of knowledge expressed through the experiences and thoughts we hold.

Core of Life- A center point from which a group consciousness made a collective decision and began the journey of the individualization process. Today it continues to feed us through the prauna.

Counterparts- The alpha dominant and omega dominant souls which together complete a total being.

Dark Satellite- A force of great negativity directly opposite in polarization to that of the Pillars of Light. A negative sphere that orbits throughout all seven universes inspiring individuals to act less than they are capable of.

Dead Realm- A place that once held the human consciousness and is no longer needed.

Deja Vu- A feeling of having been in a place or circumstance identical to the experience one is currently having; often associated with a past-life memory.

Desire Body- The ultimate or final physical form created by the consciousness of an individual soul.

Disciple- An individual committed not only to learning the information of a set of teachings, but also to the practice of that information.

Dogma- The rigid belief in a set of rules or practices.

Doorkeeper- The individual teacher assigned to the care and chemicalization of an intertransitory medium. One who regulates and controls from the astral, allowing entities to manifest through such instrument. This master is the first to open the door and last to close the door of communication between the two worlds. An instrument entrusts his physical body to this individual.

Duality- The representation of the higher (spiritual) and lower (mental) aspects of consciousness held by an individual.

Effect- The result of a thought or action set in motion.

Ego- The exterior consciousness that deals with emotions. The ego is also referred as the monster within.

Elementals- Small humanlike creatures, etheric in form, known as the universal gardeners. They are part of the human consciousness, but not of it. Often referred to as the residue of the human consciousness.

Electro-magnetic field- A field of energy that surrounds all physical bodies and objects on the physical plane. Often mistaken for the soul aura, it is the outer field of energy which is blue-green in color.

Eros- A Greek word referring to physical love; lust.

Etheric- Part of the anim constitution, but is transparent or invisible within the physical realms.

Etheric Pattern- A universal flow of energy that travels east to west in relationship to the planet earth.

Germinal Sea- The location of the consciousness known as the germinal kingdom from which all viruses and diseases on the physical plane are generated.

God- The higher consciousness or force within us. The collective consciousness of all. That aspect of the higher consciousness that resides within our soul. God is the collective thought of all creation.

Gossip- The malicious spreading of information usually practiced for the uplifting of one's own ego.

Graduation unto the Astral- Referred to as death upon the physical plane. When the silver cord connecting the soul to the physical body is severed and the soul leaves the physical body to journey to the astral realms.

Grand Awakening- An experience usually lasting no more than ten seconds where the room seemingly becomes enveloped in light. During this experience the soul aura has spread out and encompassed the entire aurathic field of that individual.

Grand Convention- A convention that was held 7,000 years ago in Austa (Egypt) when various sects of differing philosophies met for the purpose of joining together under one universal understanding.

Grand Finale- A period of time that began around 1965 and will last for 7,000 years during which time many physical and spiritual changes will take place in what are considered to be the final days of man's existence on this planet.

Group Consciousness- A group of individuals coming together in like mind with the potential to form a collective consciousness.

Group Karma- Karma that has been incurred by a specific group of individuals and thus must be completed by this group.

Group Mind- A collective thought of all individuals coming together with a singular thought to fulfill a specific purpose.

Guardian Angels- A group of alpha souls who are part of the Angels of Light brotherhood.

Guides- Various astral beings who aid, guide, and protect individuals during their time on the physical plane.

Halls of Higher Learning- Locations in the astral where individuals who have obtained a certain degree of spiritual enlightenment may go and study the greater truths of the universe.

Healing- The process of channeling energy through the physical body to relieve it of pain and disease.

Heaven- A generic term referring to the totality of the astral worlds and used by many religions to represent the hereafter.

Holy- Everything that is above you in consciousness.

I Am- 1. Spark of Divinity,  2. Affirmation of the self.  3. A master teacher.

Illusion- A creation of one's own reality not based on truth. Something that will not stand the test of time, i.e., the physical body.

Incarnate- Embodiment in the physical body.

Individuality- The expression of the universal truths through a singular consciousness rather than through a group consciousness.

Instrument- A person used by astral entities to communicate to beings of the physical plane.

Intertransitory Medium- A level of mediumship requiring mastery of all other levels. An instrument with the ability to reach a "dead" trance through the passive state allowing astral beings to enter and use the physical body to communicate.

Joy Guides- Playful entities (usually children) whose purpose is to raise the vibration of an individual or group.

Judgment- A thought of discernment of self or another. Very often involves condemnation rather than discernment.

Karma- A universal law the soul uses as a means of check and balance so that the individual will have the opportunity to express a greater wisdom and understanding of the god consciousness. Ensures that the results of the causes which one sets into motion will be met in the future.

Kundalini- The snake-like movement of energy that is awakened naturally throughout the day or during specific meditations to cleanse the chakras by opening and closing them as it spirals up and down the spinal cord area.

Lemuria- An ancient civilization that thrived after Mu and before the Atlantian period and existed in the area now considered the Pacific Rim.

Light- 1. Generally used to describe the vibration of an individual. 2. The wisdom expressed through the understanding of experience.

Light Teachers- A teacher studying to become a soul teacher, whose primary purpose is to deal with the mundane affairs of their assigned student for an incarnation.

Master- An accomplished person who has control of the ego and is expressing a greater understanding of the god consciousness while displaying this knowledge at all times.

Mantra- A sound in the form of words or syllables used during meditation to bring an individual into a greater state of control and focus.

Materialization- The ability of manifesting an object from the anim state to the atom state by changing the vibrational frequency of that object to a higher or lower frequency through an alchemical process.

Material Plane- The physical world.

Meditation- A discipline in focus and true control to achieve communication with the soul.

Medium- A person with the ability to communicate with the astral worlds.

Mental Realms- The astral planes of existence, including the physical plane and up to the Third Realm of Immensity, commonly associated with the Wheel of Life.

Metaphysical- The occult study of spiritualism.

Mortal Consciousness- The outer or exterior expression subjected to the patterns of behavior involving the emotions and ego while in the mental planes.

Mu, Land of- An ancient civilization believed to be the first civilization in which man, as we know him today, first incarnated on the physical plane.

Mundane- Everyday activity or thought on the physical plane.

Negative Forces- Any group of souls, who use their power to limit or confuse.

Numasterology- A study in combination with numerology and astrology.

Numerology- An occult practice based on the idea that the universe is mathematically constructed and all things can be expressed in numbers which then correspond to vibrations.

Occult- Refers to several mystical and ancient practices or sciences, including numerology, astrology and tarot.

O-M- A chant or mantra used to send your personal energy out unto the universe.

Omega- The feminine, or negative, passive power of the soul. Counterpart to the alpha, it is the creative force in motion, that force behind the action. Each individual carries a percentage of both the alpha and omega. An omega soul is 51% omega and 49% alpha.

Opportunistic Karma- Occurs when the soul uses an unplanned experience for the growth of an individual.

Overseer- An individual's soul teacher's teacher.

Passivity- The state of receptivity which enables the soul to come forward and command the active part of self while the mortal consciousness remains quiet and surrenders to the soul's infinite wisdom.

Patterns- Repeated reactions in behavior which create cycles.

Peace Period- Periods in time when the majority of physical incarnates are demonstrating the qualities of enlightenment and knowledge.

Philosophy- 1. An understanding of wisdom or knowledge. 2. A particular system of principles for the conduct of life.

Physical Plane- Often referred to as the mundane world, it is a realm of density that offers incarnates the opportunity to overcome karma of a physical nature.

Pillars of Light- The ultimate consciousness known to man. It is also known as the pure god state.

Pinnacles- Periods of time within a cycle where the soul is expressing and bringing about circumstances for that the exterior part of the self can demonstrate the wisdom possessed by the enterior.

Pit- The abbreviation for "people in torment." A state of consciousness denser than the physical plane where the souls of people who have taken the lives of themselves or others, or committed crimes of violence will go upon death.

Plane- A defined state of consciousness.

Prauna- A substance that exists within the ether from which one may draw nutrients so that one might exist without having to physically eat. The etheric energy used as the nutrient for life.

Psychic- An intuitive ability or an unexplained knowing.

Psychic Centers- 1. There are many physical places as well as etheric that are believed to be manifesting great fields of energy. 2. The seven chakras of the physical body are also considered to be psychic centers of the physical.

Race Karma- The collective karma of individuals born into a particular race for the experiences that that race has to offer.

Reality- The awareness of honest truth expressed objectively. An individual's perspective on the truth.

Realm- An area that encompasses many planes, degrees and dimensions in consciousness. Each realm encompasses 9 planes; each plane encompasses 9 degrees and each degree encompasses 9 dimensions.

Realms of Immensity- The places in consciousness beyond the mental realms where one might find themselves after graduating from the physical if they have obtained a measurable amount of growth. The Seven Realms of Immensity are known as the Spiritual State.

Reincarnation- The belief in the rebirth of the soul into a physical body generally for the purpose of completing karma.

Reincarnational Plane- The plane of consciousness in which the soul places itself before reincarnating into the physical world.

Religion- A spiritual belief based on dogmatic practices.

Retribution- The guarantee that the effect of the cause (karma) will return.

Righteousness- An attitude of condemnation, judgment and superiority related to beliefs held by oneself or others.

Silver Cord- The cord that connects the soul to the physical body. When this cord is cut, a physical death will occur.

Soul- It is the essence of life; the part of God in man located in the solar plexus region of the body. It encases the Spark of Divinity and is the infinite intelligence of the self.

Soul Aura- The energy emitted by the soul that surrounds the physical body.

Soul Awakenings- The beginning of an individual's search for the truth; The soul's message that there must be more than the physical consciousness.

Soul Consciousness- The belief in the existence of a source of intelligence within the self separate from the conscious or subconscious state of being.

Soul Mates- 1. An individual whom one has incarnated with many times. 2. A friend in the astral or physical state.

Soul Teacher- A master teacher who has been connected to an individual since they spewed forth from the Core of Life. The selection was based on a like vibration of the teacher and the student. A soul teacher's purpose is to inspire the growth of his or her student.

Spark of Divinity- The part of the god consciousness within each individual.

Student- An individual who studies teachings of a master philosopher.

Surrender- The active state of passive awareness when the exterior quiets itself and gives way to the soul. The willingness of the exterior (mortal consciousness) to follow the guidance of the interior (god consciousness).

Symbology- The study of symbols; also known as the language of the soul.

Teachers of Light- Individuals who teach the wisdom, knowledge, understanding and experiences of the god consciousness.

Unfoldment- The process whereby the soul comes forth and directs an individual's life.

Universal Flow- A energy force that flows from north to south, and travels throughout the universe. It is through the Universal Flow that we enter and exit the physical body when sleeping.

Universal Laws- The 33 laws that are absolutes of the universe.

Veil of Life- The process whereby all past experiences are kept from the conscious state upon incarnating. A protection for the mortal consciousness so it can re-experience life without the ego of past actions.

Vibration- An energy constantly emitted by an individual, affected by their emotion and health.

Wheel of Life- A consciousness that we place ourselves on in order to finish a lesson. Also, called the reincarnational cycle.

Wisdom- The knowledge expressed through experience. That obtained as a natural consequence of understanding experience.

Zimare- The consciousness after the Core of Life. It is where each incarnating soul divided into counterparts. As a result of the split, the ego was created because we thought we did not need each other and were individually perfect.


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