Selected Lectures Available on Audio Cassette Format

This page contains a list of prerecorded lectures on audio cassette that are available for sale. With each tape, we attempted to summarize the main lecture. Note that more often than not, more than one lecture is given and most of the time, more than one subject is discussed and disseminated in each lecture. We did our best to include the essence of the main lecture of each class.

For students new to the Universal Understanding of the God Consciousness, we recommend the following tapes as a starting point: November 7, 1985, May 1, 1986, June 19, 1986, March 27, 1986 and October 2, 1986. We also recommend that new students read the books "The Agashan Discourses" and "Agasha: Master of Wisdom." These books will explain the history of the Agasha Temple, who the teachers are, and the basic foundation of the philosophy. After reading the two books, we think you would better enjoy and understand the tapes.

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    January 31, 1985: Master Iefkomtar and Master Tammarreau speak on many subjects relating to everyday human behavior. They speak about attitude, service to one another, judgment, and living life to the fullest, among other things.

    February 28, 1985: Master Iefkomtar and Master Tammarreau give a lecture on what true beauty is and about the topic of karma. Karma is not a payback of any kind, but rather a condition of life that we must work through to gain greater wisdom.

    March 28, 1985: Master Ayuibbi speaks on the subject of destiny and fulfilling that destiny by becoming in touch with the soul. Master Tammarreau and Master Iefkomtar explain that we must be an active participant in our own growth. Simply giving over to the soul is not enough; we must then take action and become the instrument of that soul.

    April 4, 1985: Master Ayuibbi speaks about control of the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of the self and giving control over to the soul. Master Tammarreau speaks further on the subject of letting the soul guide us and not controlling where we would like to go. Master Iefkomtar talks about the difference between the "it" and the "is".

    April 11, 1985: Master Tammarreau and Master Iefkomtar speak on the subject of the "I AM" factor within. The "I AM" is not about the singular being, but about we. When we are in the state of the "I AM," we are expressing Agape – unconditional love and acceptance. The first few minutes of this lecture were not taped due to technical difficulties with the recording equipment.

    April 18, 1985: Master Tammarreau and Master Iefkomtar speak on the subject of the responsibility of the soul to the exterior consciousness. Master Ayuibbi speaks about the consciousness of God and the evolution of that God Consciousness, within each singular individual. He also discusses that the motivating factor of the self is the unfoldment of the soul.

    April 25, 1985: Master Ayuibbi, Master Tammarreau and Master Iefkomtar all speak on the subject of spirit versus the soul. The spirit within you is what moves you; it is the driving factor within. Our spirit is based on the vibration and attitudes in which we find ourselves.

    May 9, 1985: Master Ayuibbi, Master Tammarreau and Master Iefkomtar all speak on the subject of life and self-expression. Life is never-ending, but our consciousness changes as we move forward.

    May 23, 1985: Master Ayuibbi gives a wonderful lecture on prosperity, what it really means, and how we can attain it.

    August 22, 1985: Master Ayuibbi speaks on the mediumistic nature of man and that each realm is subject to the realm of consciousness above it. In other words, each realm or person becomes a medium for the wiser. Each individual is the medium for the consciousness of the soul and that is truly how we become our own channels.

    August 29, 1985: Master Ayuibbi speaks on the subject of the mediumistic nature of all things. Master Ayuibbi speaks of the one vibration that the many, that comprise the God consciousness, come from. So it's not the many making the one, it's the one vibration helping the many, permeating the many and filtering down to all consciousness below it.

    September 5, 1985: Master Ayuibbi speaks further on the subject of the mediumistic nature of man. Since each realm is subject to that above it, then we are above the negativity in our lives, if we choose to control our actions.

    September 26, 1985: Master Ayuibbi gives a lecture on individual consciousness and how we can change our tomorrow by changing our vibration today. Master Ayuibbi states that each individual has the exact same capability within themselves to achieve anything they desire, but they must begin to train for it.

    October 3, 1985: Master Ayuibbi speaks on the subject of happiness and finding true everlasting happiness only through coming into rapport with the consciousness of God.

    October 10, 1985: The lecture this evening is on the subject of the Universal Law of Transmission and Reception. The basics of this law are explained and then compared to the Law of Karma and the Law of Cause and Effect.

    October 17, 1985: Master Ayuibbi speaks further on the subject of the Universal Law of Transmission and Reception as it relates to how we create the circumstances in our lives. Master Ayuibbi also speaks further on obtaining peace and happiness by surrendering to the higher consciousness.

    October 24, 1985: Master Maagi gives a lecture on creation, individual reality, and our responsibility within that creation. Several individuals come and speak of their experiences in creation and the realities they created for themselves. A very poignant class.

    November 7, 1985: Master Ayuibbi gives the most wonderful lecture on Wisdom, what wisdom is and how one expresses wisdom. He said, "Wisdom can only merit such a name as compared to the ignorance which surrounds it." This is a must-have tape.

    November 21, 1985: Master Ayuibbi speaks on the subject of the Akashic Record, the Desire Body, and what life is like in the astral planes of existence once we graduate from the physical plane.

    December 5, 1985: Master Ayuibbi speaks on the subject of wisdom versus ignorance. He also speaks about Agape as it pertains to our ability to vitalize creations in our lives. Master Tammarreau and Master Iefkomtar speak on the subject of controlling the self -- that it is better to control the direction and speed of your life rather than being pulled in a certain direction.

    January 16, 1986: Master Tammarreau performs the channeling of energy and speaks on many varied subjects. She talks about channeling itself, being able to go beyond what our mortal senses reveal to us, understanding the purpose of suffering, tests, pinnacles, and destiny, and even more subjects. A series of small lectures.

     January 26, 1986: Master Maagi gives a wonderful short lecture on what it means to be an individual. She says “To be indivi­dual means simply to express that which you have been given to express in a fashion that you yourself understand and to truly be individual means that you can also explain it to another.”  Master Ayuibbi speaks on the subject of how we are higher is spirit than form and how this relates to the Anthropis. He states “So, now we have the Anthropis and this is the part of the self which is higher in spirit than you are in form.  It is that part of the self which is that section of the consciousness of all things.”

     February 20, 1986: Master Iefkomtar speaks about wisdom and ignorance. He says the difference between wisdom and ignorance is more than just understanding, but is also attitude. Master Tammarreau continues in the same vein. She says that “In order to stand in the light and be in wisdom, and be within that power of God, and be that part of the creation of wisdom and of light, we must take ourselves one step further.  We have to be able to expand our consciousness beyond the limited confine that we now exist.” She says that our destiny is not something that happens to us, but rather something we create. And we create it by understanding and expressing wisdom.

    March 27, 1986: Master Tammarreau says “Now, one of the things that your soul set up before you came back is that you had understood that to be individual does not mean that you walk alone.” She goes on to say that a truly spiritual person gets involved in other people’s lives, but is careful and aware enough to not take on the other person’s karma or become manipulated by them. When two people look at something, or are in conflict, or want to resolve the conflict, there is my truth, your truth, and the truth. She says that your truth and my truth have nothing to do with the other. It is the relationship of the individual truth with “the truth” that really matters. This is a wonderful, inspiring, highly recommended tape.

    April 10, 1986: There are several great lectures on this tape. Master Kraio tells a great parable about the soul and knowledge. Master Ayuibbi speaks on many subjects tonight: the ego and habits, judgment and condemnation, karmic lessons in each lifetime and how that cycle works.

    April 17, 1986: Master Tammarreau speaks on the subject of the power of the mind. "As you think, so shall it be." As you allow yourself to remain, that is what you shall create. If you believe that all that you can be is that which you are, then all that you shall be is less than what you are at this moment.

    May 1, 1986: Master Tammarreau speaks about interpersonal relationships. She says in this lecture that when two individuals are drawn together, they take on a responsibility of each other’s karma; yet at the same time, they cannot infringe on the other’s right to be. We come together because of the need to have like experiences. Sometimes we want to be with a certain person, and it just doesn’t work out because each individual needs to have a different experience right now. She says that to practice the Universal Understanding of the God Consciousness means that you are part of all that is, and if you are part of all that is, then you are that that is. You don't have to say I am individual. You don't have to go around advertising that you are an individualist. If you're advertising it then you're not.

    May 8, 1986: Master Tammarreau speaks on the subject of the Law of Abundance; and how our life can become abundant with circumstances consisting of vibrations we have sent out to the universe. She says we will begin to feel the Law of Abundance in accordance with the development of our soul. If the mortal expression, the ego, wanton desires are left unchecked, then the experience of abundance is going to be felt in a negative aspect. However, if we have a positive perspective on life, we will attract positive experiences to us. It all has to do with our attitude towards our consciousness.

    May 15, 1986: Master Ayuibbi speaks on the subject of personal vibration as it relates to nine-year cycles and major life cycles. Master Tammarreau continues on the same subject and explains it in a little more detail.

    May 22, 1986: Master Ayuibbi speaks on the subject of what we will find when we graduate to the astral planes of life – not the day to day events, but rather the experience that you create and bring with you to those realms and how you are shaping that future in your life today. That which you sow, you shall also reap. Master Tammarreau continues on the same subject and brings in the aspects of creation and service in shaping our own future.

    May 29, 1986: Master Tammarreau talks about the 5th vibration: it is the vibration of man and it represents the unexpected. She explains we are here to express the divinity of the soul and that it is above all things for it is all things. It doesn’t matter what your name is, what your vibratory rate is, what your numerology chart looks like, what your astrology chart claims. Don’t let anything limit what you can or cannot achieve because you are a part of all that is, you created all that is, so there is nothing you cannot overcome as long as you choose to make it so.

    June 12, 1986: Master Tammarreau explains that we are here to inspire one another. We are here to learn to take chances. If we bring ourselves into rapport with our fear, then our fear no longer holds us back. We must begin to understand the cycle of the soul. We are to be love overflowing. This is an especially wonderful, highly recommended lecture.

    June 19, 1986: Master Tammarreau explains in her lecture what "I am all there is" really means. If I am all there is, then who are you? This could only be if we are both a part of all that is. Therefore everything we do affects one another; so the choices that we make that seem like it is no one else’s business, really do affect those around us. This is a wonderful lecture and we highly recommend this tape for new students.

    July 3, 1986: Master Ayuibbi speaks on the subject of happiness and how it eludes us. He says that long term happiness cannot come from anything exterior to us, but from the interior when we come into peace with everything in our life.

    July 10, 1986: Master Ayuibbi speaks on the subject of coming into rapport with the higher self; and then choosing not to repeat previous mistakes but letting the interior consciousness guide us instead of the exterior. As long as we are in the physical plane, we are in a state of duality and we need to constantly be aware of that facet.



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